#36: More Listener Questions

In this episode of The Skillful Podcast, we answer two listener questions. The first question is from a listener who wants advice about balancing conflicting values to build a life worth living. The second question is about how to maintain your DBT skills practice once treatment has ended. Marielle and Ed discuss the issues these questions bring up and offer creative ways to think about the dilemmas presented.

Show Highlights

  • If your life doesn’t reflect what’s most important to you, you will be more prone to Emotion Mind
  • Work on one value at a time to reduce overwhelm
  • Getting started working on a value can give you more information about how to synthesize conflicting values
  • Check in with Wise Mind over and over again
  • Think dialectically, allowing more than one thing to be true at a time
  • Values work gives you a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Moving away from a sense of autopilot towards a more intentional life
  • Ask yourself if you are living the life you want
  • How do you maintain DBT skills practice without the structure and accountability of treatment and group?
  • Leaving treatment is a transition time
  • Cope Ahead can help you figure out what you want to have in place to support your ongoing skills practice
  • DBT skills are rich and life-changing, and it takes time and practice to fully integrate them into your life
  • Moving away from “There’s nothing I can do.” to “There is something I can do.”

DBT Skills Discussed

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