#48: Emotion Regulation Overview Part 2

This episode is the 2nd part of an overview of the Emotion Regulation skills in DBT, focusing on skills that can help you be in Emotion Mind less often. You can find part 1 here

The skills discussed in this episode may not have an immediate impact on how you’re feeling, but regular application of these skills over time builds emotional resilience and flexibility.

Show Highlights

  • Combat emotional depletion by doing nice things for yourself
  • Be mindful and let go of worries when doing your pleasant events
  • Think about what gives you pleasure, joy, or contentment
  • Remember that you are worth taking care of
  • Accumulating Positive Emotions in the Long-Term is about creating a life that reflects what is most important to you
  • Identify your values first, then identify goals related to your values
  • Pick one value to work on at a time
  • Would this value still be important if no one knew about it?
  • Our values shift over time with different phases of life
  • Not waiting to attend to life goals until a later time
  • Do things that gradually stretch your abilities to Build Mastery
  • Build Mastery helps build self-confidence and self-respect
  • Use Cope Ahead to plan in advance with how to deal with difficult situations
  • Be specific about what skills you will use to cope
  • Vividly imagine coping well with difficult situations
  • If the thing I fear most happens, how will I cope?
  • The PLEASE skill is focused on taking care of your body to take care of your emotions
  • Often trauma survivors try to ignore their bodily sensations
  • Attending to physical health can have a big impact on your ability to handle emotions

DBT Skills Discussed

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