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#53: Walking the Middle Path

When we find ourselves getting caught in extremes, the DBT skill called Walking the Middle Path helps us re-calibrate. 

Use this skill when you notice you are caught in binary thinking to find a way to move towards center. This episode explores common opposites:

  • Reasonable Mind vs. Emotion Mind
  • Doing Mind vs. Being Mind
  • Intense Desire of the Moment vs. Radical Acceptance of the Moment
  • Self-denial vs. Self-indulgence

Show Highlights

  • It’s hard to think creatively when we are in stuck in extremes
  • Thinking of a middle path reduces pressure to take action right away
  • Balancing your needs and someone else’s needs is an example of Walking the Middle Path
  • Balancing strong desire for change with radical acceptance
  • Emotion mind creates an urgency to “fix this now”
  • Noticing tendencies towards continual productivity and allowing for rest
  • Moving away from the opposite poles of austerity or hedonism to find a place of balance
  • Allowing for enjoyment of sensory pleasures without regret
  • Trying to be easeful in what we are doing, rather than intense
  • What way am I doing too much?
  • What way am I doing too little?
  • Avoiding “good” and “bad” language
  • Walking the Middle Path is highly individual
    • What the Middle Path looks like for you may be different than what it looks like for others

​​DBT Skills Discussed

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