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Tips from a San Francisco Couples Therapist: Should we start therapy?

When is it time to start couples therapy?

Wondering if it’s time for you to start couples therapy in San Francisco? Couples often think about starting therapy for a while before they take the leap and set up that first appointment. Sometimes, couples wait too long. Old hurts and resentments can’t be healed. Or you’ve grown so far apart; it’s impossible to connect…

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What you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your relationship

Four things you can do to improve your relationship

In my last blog post, I wrote about things to avoid to make your relationship better. But today, I want to turn to what you can start doing right now to improve your relationship.   Here are 4 things that can help you improve your relationship Keep in mind, these are all things for you…

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Want to make your relationship better right now? Stop doing these things

Four things you can do to stop negative behaviors in your relationship

As a couples therapist in San Francisco who uses DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to help people handle conflict, I often see couples who want to stop negative cycles in their relationships. If you’re fighting with your partner, you’re probably frustrated, unhappy and disconnected. You may wonder if your relationship will be able to make it.…

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Couples Communication 101: Simple but not Easy

Couples communication skills

As a San Francisco couples therapist, I often see couples that want to work on their communication. After all, good communication between partners is the foundation for building a strong relationship. If communicating with your partner leads to disagreements or shut downs, both of you could benefit from learning to communicate more effectively. There are…

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When Change is Slow in Couples Therapy

Why change is slow in couples therapy

Feeling frustrated with how slowly things are changing in your relationship? The truth is that change is often slow when you’re trying to work on your relationship, which can be discouraging. You may wonder if couples therapy is even working.   Why change is slow in couples therapy Why isn’t my relationship changing faster? Let’s…

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Why you act the worst with the person you love the most

Wondering why you act the worst with the person you love the most in this world?

Do you sometimes treat your partner in ways you would never dream of treating a friend, even a very close friend? Have you ever found yourself yelling, criticizing or giving your partner the silent treatment? Do you later regret how you’ve acted? Why is it that you can treat the person you love the most…

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The Myth of Spontaneity

What is the myth of spontaneity in relationships?

As a San Francisco couple’s therapist, I regularly see couples that have gotten so busy with every day life that they’ve put their relationship on the back burner, where it sits, ignored. It’s easy to prioritize everything else – work, school, family and socializing – the list could go on and on. But prioritizing your…

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Is your relationship unbalanced?

Do you have an unbalanced relationship?

Is your relationship unbalanced? Do you give too much in your relationship? Are you the only one putting out energy to keep the relationship on track? Do you sometimes wish that your partner gave to you half as much as you give to them? If so, your relationship is out of balance.   An unbalanced…

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