#61: DBT Skills Group for Therapists

The Skillful Podcast Episode 61 DBT Skills Group for Therapists

Are you a therapist who wants the experience of being in a DBT skills group yourself? Are you curious about how the skills can help YOU? Marielle and Ed are starting a new skills group designed specifically for therapists to learn the skills together in a supportive online environment. We are excited to offer this…

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#60: Problem Solving

The Skillful Podcast Episode 60 Problem Solving

What DBT skill do you use when your emotion fits the facts? One option is to work on changing the facts. The skill of Problem Solving offers a structured framework to help you change situations that cause painful emotions. Problem Solving begins, like many of the Emotion Regulation skills in DBT, by naming your emotion.…

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#59: Willingness

The Skillful Podcast Episode 59: Willingness

Today’s episode discusses the DBT skill of Willingness.  Willingness is one of the reality acceptance skills that we teach in Distress Tolerance. This skill can help you let go of fighting what is so you can do what’s needed in each situation – without dragging your feet or holding onto a grudge. One way to…

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#58: Applying DEAR MAN in Difficult Interactions

The Skillful Podcast Episode 58 Applying DEAR MAN in Difficult Interactions

Once you have grasp of the DEAR MAN skill, you might find yourself getting stuck when you try to use it in difficult interactions. Maybe the other person pushes back, tries to change the subject, or refuses to engage fairly. While we can’t force anyone to do anything, we can continue to use our skills…

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#57: Figuring Out How to Change Painful Emotions

The Skillful Podcast Episode 57- Figuring Out How to Change Painful Emotions

Once you have a grasp of the change-oriented skills in DBT (such as Check the Facts, Opposite Action, and Problem Solving) it can be hard to figure out which one to use.  This episode walks you through deciding if and when to act on unwanted emotions. Show Highlights DBT Skills Discussed Resources Ask us a…

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#56: Emotions Explained: Shame

A graphic that reads "The Skillful Podcast Season 2 Episode 56: Emotions Explained: Shame: over a stock photo of a blonde person standing in front of a beige wall, running their hand through their hair. We cannot see their face.

Shame is one of the most painful emotions we can experience.  This episode explores what shame is, when the emotion is useful (and when it’s not), and skills to help you cope when shame threatens to overwhelm you. Shame is a social emotion that motivates us to repair transgressions that might result in us being…

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#55: Emotions Explained: Fear 

The Skillful Podcast Episode 55: Emotions Explained: Fear

Today’s episode focuses on the emotion of fear. At its most fundamental, fear keeps us safe. It guides us to fight, flee, or freeze in the face of danger.  Often, though, fear can be chronic, manifesting as anxiety, worry, or tension even when we are safe. This episode helps you identify fear in all its…

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#54: Emotions Explained: Anger

The Skillful Podcast Episode 54: Emotions Explained: Anger

In this episode, Marielle and Ed discuss the emotion of anger. In its most useful form, anger moves us to protect and defend ourselves and those we care about. Many people, though, find anger frightening because they have witnessed destructive expressions of anger such as emotional or physical violence. This episode unpacks the emotion of…

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#53: Walking the Middle Path

A graphic that reads "The Skillfull Podcast Season 2 Episode 53 Walking the Middle Path" in white text over a stock photo of a dirt path next to a field with yellow flowers.

When we find ourselves getting caught in extremes, the DBT skill called Walking the Middle Path helps us re-calibrate.  Use this skill when you notice you are caught in binary thinking to find a way to move towards center. This episode explores common opposites: Show Highlights ​​DBT Skills Discussed Ask us a Question We’d love…

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#52: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview

Graphic that reads "The Skillful Podcast Season 2 Episode 52: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview" over a stock photo of a group of people in an open office. Two in the foreground are talking to one another and in the background two more are tacking something up to a corkboard.

This episode is an overview of the core Interpersonal Effectiveness skills in DBT, focusing on clarifying objectives, DEAR MAN, GIVE, and FAST.  There are a lot of acronyms in the Interpersonal Effectiveness module! Memorizing what each letter of the acronym stands for, especially DEAR MAN, can help you access the skill when you most need…

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