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17: Why Doing Nice Things for Yourself Matters

pleasant event

Do you have a hard time doing nice things for yourself? The DBT skill called Accumulating Positive Events in the Short-Term is all about doing small, regular self-care. Putting effort into building positive emotions on a regular basis helps build emotional resilience so you won’t get as thrown when hard things happen. Many folks believe…

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16: Opposite Action

the skillful podcast episode sixteen opposite action

Sometimes it’s better to not act on our emotions. The DBT skill Opposite Action helps you act opposite to what your emotion is telling you to do.  Use this skill when your emotion doesn’t fit the facts or when your emotion does fit the facts but acting on the emotion isn’t effective. This skill can…

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15: Check the Facts

Check the Facts Bay Area DBT podcast

In Episode 15 of The Skillful Podcast, Marielle and Ed discuss checking the facts. When you have a painful emotion that you want to change, using the DBT skill called Check the Facts can be very helpful. Sometimes strong, painful emotions aren’t a reaction to what has actually happened but are based on beliefs, interpretations,…

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14: Why Do We Have Emotions?

Why Do We Have Emotions?

Many sensitive people have wished at times that they could just get rid of their emotions. They may try to dampen, suppress, or deny emotions. Although these efforts may work partially, at least in the short-term, they never really work in the long term. Plus, often the things sensitive people may turn to in order…

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13: 10 Common Myths About Emotions

10 Common Myths About Emotions

Today Marielle and Ed discuss the 10 most common myths about emotions. These myths can come from the culture around us and from the families we were raised in. Asking yourself where you learned some of these myths may be helpful in debunking them. Some myths have to do with a fear of being out…

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12: Distraction & Self-Soothing to Ride out Painful Emotions

Distraction & Self-Soothing to Ride out Painful Emotions

Marielle and Ed continue their conversation about Distress Tolerance focusing on Distraction and Self-Soothing. While these skills won’t solve any problems, they can be super helpful when you are caught up in painful emotions. Distraction in DBT is broken down into separate skills that go by the acronym ACCEPTS as in Wise Mind ACCEPTS. “Sometimes…

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11: Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance

Today, Marielle and Ed discuss the skill of Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance is a Distress Tolerance skill that helps you stop fighting reality, however painful that reality is. When you can fully open up and radically accept what is happening in the present moment, suffering decreases. “Radical acceptance is the starting point for any change.”…

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10: The TIPP Skill: Using Your Body to Calm Down

Marielle and Ed continue their conversation about Distress Tolerance focusing on the TIPP skill. That extra P in TIPP isn’t a typo! TIPP is an acronym that actually stands for 4 different skills. The skills in TIPP intervene on a biological level to bring down overwhelming emotions to help you think more clearly. Learn how…

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09: Introduction to Distress Tolerance & the STOP Skill

Introduction to Distress Tolerance & the STOP Skill

Marielle and Ed delve in to a discussion today on how you can learn to tolerate emotional distress and overwhelm without making things worse.  There’s a whole range of behaviors that we can learn, from mindfulness to using creative ways to distract. Learn more about how to ride out emotional storms with getting carried away…

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08: Emotional Over-Control with Neil Howell, MFT

Are you someone who’s good at getting things done, following the rules and planning ahead? These can be wonderful traits to have but you may notice that focusing on doing everything right interferes with relaxing, enjoying life and connecting with others. This is known as “emotional over-control” or “OC” and today Marielle sits down with…

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