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#15: Check the Facts

In Episode 15 of The Skillful Podcast, Marielle and Ed discuss checking the facts. When you have a painful emotion that you want to change, using the DBT skill called Check the Facts can be very helpful. Sometimes strong, painful emotions aren’t a reaction to what has actually happened but are based on beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions about what has happened. Use this skill to help you change emotions YOU want to change – not emotions other people in your life want you to change.

Show Highlights:

  • Emotions might not be based on facts
  • Sometimes just checking the facts can bring down a painful emotion quickly
  • Start by naming the specific emotion that you want to change
  • What event brought on the emotion?
  • Be non-judgmental when describing what prompted the emotion
  • Name your interpretations, judgments, assumptions, and thoughts about the prompting event
  • Identify the stories your mind is telling you
  • Ask yourself what you’re scared of 
  • Imagine the worst-case scenario and think about how you would cope
  • Often painful emotions are based on assuming a threat and minimizing our ability to cope
  • Assess whether the intensity of your emotion fits the facts
  • Assess whether how long your emotion is lasting fits the facts
  • Remind yourself that you have the capacity to get through very painful things
  • Sometimes the emotion fits the facts but acting on it isn’t effective

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