how do you talk to yourself

#20: How Do You Talk to Yourself?

In today’s episode, we discuss your relationship with yourself, focusing on the skill of Loving-Kindness.

  • When you are having a hard time, are you kind or harsh with yourself? 
  • Do you berate yourself for real or perceived mistakes?  
  • Do you try to motivate yourself with criticism? 

These tactics tend to not work in the long-run and erode your sense of self. 

What if you had permission to be gentle and compassionate with yourself?

The DBT skill of Loving-Kindness meditation is based on the  Buddhist practice of Metta, which can help you cultivate a gentle, loving relationship with yourself. Although the roots of this skill lie in Buddhism, we offer a secular version of the practice here.

Show Highlights:

  • Self-criticism can get conflated with accountability
  • How would you speak to a good friend, or to someone you love when they are having a hard time?
  • The role of hope in being kind to ourselves
  • Acknowledging our common humanity is part of self-compassion work
  • Everyone goes through hard times and this is part of being human
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation is a series of 4 statements:
    • May I be Safe
    • May I be Happy
    • May I be Healthy
    • May I live with Ease
  • Try sending Loving-Kindness to a neutral person first, then to someone you love, then to someone you’re angry with. Lastly, send it to yourself.
  • Loving-Kindness can be a way of practicing Opposite Action
  • Let go of the language of “deserving” 
  • Rather than being selfish, being kind to yourself can actually help you be kind with others

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