Four things you can do to improve your relationship

What you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your relationship

In my last blog post, I wrote about things to avoid to make your relationship better.

But today, I want to turn to what you can start doing right now to improve your relationship.


Here are 4 things that can help you improve your relationship

Keep in mind, these are all things for you to do for your partner.
Not things that you can force your partner to do for you.


Remember the things about your partner that delighted you in the beginning of your relationship?

Did you love the way her eyes lit up when she smiled? The next time she smiles, tell her how beautiful her eyes are.

Compliment your partner on day-to-day things as well. Tell them the dinner they cooked for you is delicious or let them know how great they look in that new shirt.

When you compliment your partner, they’ll feel good, making them more likely to feel good about you and the relationship in general.

Physical Affection:

Touch your partner in small, affectionate ways. Reach for their hand when you’re out for a walk or snuggle close to them while sitting in front of the TV.

Instead of rushing out the door in the morning, pause and give them a kiss goodbye.

If your partner initiates this kind of contact, respond with enthusiasm.

Acts of Service:

Do something nice for your partner without them having to ask.

Think about what your partner would really appreciate, not what you would like to have someone do for you.

If they love having a clean car, wash their car for them.

Surprise them by buying something. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Small gestures of generosity can go a long way.

Finish a chore for them so they don’t have to do it.

Say Yes:

When your partner suggests you two do something, try saying “yes.”

If your partner suggests you go see a baseball game and you don’t really like baseball, say yes.

If your partner suggests seeing an action movie but you prefer dramas, say yes to the action flick and see what happens.

When you intentionally say yes to things, you show goodwill and you are more likely to make your partner happy. If your partner is happy, you will help generate positive feelings for both of you. Your partner will likely feel appreciative, especially if they know you’re not a baseball fan but you are a fan of them.


Making your partner feel good is like a dose of vitamin C for your relationship

It won’t solve deep-seated issues the way couples counseling can, but it can give your relationship that immediate boost it needs so you can start feeling better about each other.

It’s the small things that can really help to improve your relationship in a big way.


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