Individual RO-DBT
in San Francisco

RO-DBT (Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy) can help if you tend to:

  • struggle to make real, lasting friendships
  • plan out everything in advance
  • mask what you feel from the outside world
  • withdraw from conflict
  • see yourself as separate or different then others
  • privately struggle with feelings of envy, bitterness or resentment
  • prefer order, routine and sameness
  • be very hard on yourself if you make a mistake

What is RO-DBT?

RO-DBT is a therapy designed to help those who seem to have too much of a good thing: self-control. While we all need self-control to achieve things in life, too much self-control leads to problems with rigidity, social isolation, avoidance of new things, and self-loathing when well-laid plans go awry.

RO-DBT is an evidence-based therapy created by Thomas R. Lynch, Ph.D. that treats a variety of issues that all have emotional over-control at their core such as chronic depression and anxiety, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, autism spectrum disorders, maladaptive perfectionism and emotional loneliness.

What does Radically Open mean?

Radical Openness is a way of approaching the world that eases the reigns of control that keep you separate from others and yourself.

Radical Openness emphasizes:

  • opening to painful emotions rather than trying to control or regulate them
  • self-inquiry, which is a process of sitting with problems rather than rushing to fix them
  • trying new things and participating in life without over-planning
  • taking in new information about yourself and the world which may be uncomfortable
  • relating to yourself and others in an open-minded and flexible manner

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