The Skillful Podcast Episode 55: Emotions Explained: Fear

#55: Emotions Explained: Fear 

Today’s episode focuses on the emotion of fear. At its most fundamental, fear keeps us safe. It guides us to…

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The Skillful Podcast Episode 54: Emotions Explained: Anger

#54: Emotions Explained: Anger

In this episode, Marielle and Ed discuss the emotion of anger. In its most useful form, anger moves us to…

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A graphic that reads "The Skillfull Podcast Season 2 Episode 53 Walking the Middle Path" in white text over a stock photo of a dirt path next to a field with yellow flowers.

#53: Walking the Middle Path

When we find ourselves getting caught in extremes, the DBT skill called Walking the Middle Path helps us re-calibrate.  Use…

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Graphic that reads "The Skillful Podcast Season 2 Episode 52: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview" over a stock photo of a group of people in an open office. Two in the foreground are talking to one another and in the background two more are tacking something up to a corkboard.

#52: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview

This episode is an overview of the core Interpersonal Effectiveness skills in DBT, focusing on clarifying objectives, DEAR MAN, GIVE,…

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How to Assert Yourself, Part 2

#51: How to Assert Yourself, Part 2

In Part 2 of How to Assert Yourself, Marielle and Ed discuss common interpersonal pitfalls in speaking up for yourself…

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A graphic that reads "The skillful podcast season 2 episode 50 How to Assert Yourself, Part 1" over a stock photo of three people holding their hands together above their heads on a rocky beach.

#50: How to Assert Yourself, Part 1

Do you find it hard to speak up for yourself in relationships? If so, this 2-part series on how to…

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