Season 2 Episode 19: What are Your Values?

#19: What are Your Values?

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, think about using the momentum of the new year to make changes…

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Using Skills to Get Through the Holidays

#18: Using Skills to Get Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time where there is often a lot of pressure to have a certain kind of experience…

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pleasant event

#17: Why Doing Nice Things for Yourself Matters

Do you have a hard time doing nice things for yourself? The DBT skill called Accumulating Positive Events in the…

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the skillful podcast episode sixteen opposite action

#16: Opposite Action

Sometimes it’s better to not act on our emotions. The DBT skill Opposite Action helps you act opposite to what…

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Check the Facts Bay Area DBT podcast

#15: Check the Facts

In Episode 15 of The Skillful Podcast, Marielle and Ed discuss checking the facts. When you have a painful emotion…

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Why Do We Have Emotions?

#14: Why Do We Have Emotions?

Many sensitive people have wished at times that they could just get rid of their emotions. They may try to…

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