RO-DBT Skills Group
in San Francisco

RO-DBT Skills Group in San Francisco

Mondays 4 - 5:30 pm

RO-DBT Skills Group teaches you practical skills to help you ease the reigns of emotional over-control. If you relate to being over-controlled or a perfectionist, you may struggle with:

  • emotional loneliness
  • over-planning
  • strong desire for order and sameness
  • pushing yourself too hard and difficulty with play and rest
  • private outbursts of frustration and anger 
  • self-harm or thoughts of ending your life that you rarely share with others

The skills taught in an R0-DBT group are focused on :

Easing Social Isolation: Learning to form genuine, close relationships with others that are authentic and not based on masking your true feelings or social obligation.

Flexibility: Freeing yourself from self-control that has gotten out of control. Learning how to flexibly respond to life, rather than planning everything out in advance.

Understanding Emotions: Getting to know your emotional world, rather than pushing down or regulating your emotions.

Self-Inquiry: Opening yourself to questions about your inner world, rather than rushing to solve problems quickly.

What is Emotional Over-Control?

RO-DBT is a treatment designed to help those who struggle with an excess of self-control. Having too much self-control can backfire, shrinking your world and resulting in loneliness, aversion to new experiences and rigidity. It’s hard to have a rich life when rules and perfectionism run the show. RO-DBT helps you develop more flexibility, emotional intimacy and self-compassion so you can create the life you long for.

But wait, sometimes I lose it.

If you relate to the description of being emotionally over-controlled outlined here, you may be confused about the times you “lose it” with those close to you. You may wonder if you really are over-controlled.

Outbursts of anger with those close to you is often part of being over-controlled. In RO-DBT, this is referred to as emotional leakage.

You likely only show this side of you to those who are very close to you, like a family member. To the outside world, you appear calm and collected.

The skills taught in a RO-DBT group help you learn now to manage emotional leakage.

How to join the RO-DBT Skills Group

RO-DBT skills group is similar to a class consisting of 30 skills. it takes approximately 8 months to complete all the skills.

An in-person intake session is required prior to you joining the group. You must be in weekly individual therapy first in order to join the group as the group is therapeutic in nature but isn’t actually therapy. If you don’t have a therapist, we may be able to see you for individual therapy or help you find someone who can.