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10: The TIPP Skill: Using Your Body to Calm Down

Marielle and Ed continue their conversation about Distress Tolerance focusing on the TIPP skill. That extra P in TIPP isn’t a typo! TIPP is an acronym that actually stands for 4 different skills. The skills in TIPP intervene on a biological level to bring down overwhelming emotions to help you think more clearly. Learn how…

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09: Introduction to Distress Tolerance & the STOP Skill

Introduction to Distress Tolerance & the STOP Skill

Marielle and Ed delve in to a discussion today on how you can learn to tolerate emotional distress and overwhelm without making things worse.  There’s a whole range of behaviors that we can learn, from mindfulness to using creative ways to distract. Learn more about how to ride out emotional storms with getting carried away…

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