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Self-Criticism Part 2: Finding Your Way Out of Self-Criticism

How to find your way out of self-criticism and self-judgment | San Francisco therapy practice

In the first post of this series, we looked at How Self-Criticism is Hurting You. It’s something we see in our San Francisco therapy practice with a great many people. Which means we have a lot of experience helping our clients navigate their way out of the hurtful path of self-criticism and self-judgment. In part…

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Self-Criticism Part 1: How Self-Criticism is Hurting You

How self-criticism is hurting you and why you likely started engaging in this hurtful activity | San Francisco therapists

Do you often judge yourself harshly? Self-criticism and self-judgment are the most common underlying issues we see in our San Francisco therapy practice. Under the outward struggles people are dealing with – work stress, relationship problems, depression, or addictive behavior – there is very often a deep sense of feeling flawed. This sense of feeling…

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What a stupid thing to do!

Negative self-talk

How do you talk to yourself when you make a mistake? What a stupid thing to do! How could I be so dumb? What’s wrong with me?! – or worse – I’m such a loser. I can’t do anything right. Does this sound familiar?   Negative Self-Talk The things you say to yourself when you’ve…

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