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Dealing with Emotions that Scare You

Dealing with Emotions that Scare You

How to Deal with Emotions that Scare You  When we are overwhelmed by emotions, the best thing we can do is… feel them. What? Wait a minute. That advice seems counterintuitive. The obvious answer is that if you want to stop experiencing something, you should do everything you can to avoid it. Right? It turns…

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4 Effective Ways for Dealing with In-Laws You Don’t Like

4 effective ways for dealing with in laws you don't like

Although you love your partner, what you feel for your in-laws isn’t exactly the same sentiment. To put it plainly, you really don’t like them. And you don’t have to like them. Although there is no rule that you have to like you in-laws in order to be in a happy relationship, you do have…

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5 Relationship Rituals That Can Keep Your Love Strong

5 relationship rituals that can keep your love strong

Things you regularly do in your relationship are actually habits. These habits can impact your relationship in ways you didn’t expect. Habits are a lot like patterns. Once they’re established, they just sort of unfold themselves without much effort on your part. Until you make a deliberate effort to change them, of course. Furthermore, these…

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Are You Pleasure Deprived? Part 2

What are the common obstacles to doing nice and pleasurable things for yourself? In part 2 of this blog series, we explore the reasons we see most often in our San Francisco therapy practice.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at why it’s important to prioritize pleasure and how to actually bring more of it into your life. Now in Part 2, we explore the common obstacles to prioritizing pleasure and how to get the most of your pleasurable events. In our San Francisco therapy practice, we…

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Are You Pleasure Deprived? Part 1

Do you need help bringing more pleasure into your life? Bay Area Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Do you need to bring more pleasure into your life? In our San Francisco therapy practice, we help people incorporate more pleasure and joy in their lives because therapy isn’t just about talking about problems, it’s also about building a life where you feel better more of the time. One powerful way to feel better…

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Make More Friends (and Reduce Social Anxiety) with Mindfulness 

make more friends reduce anxiety

Want more friends? Have you ever gone to a social gathering in the hope of connecting with new people… but wanted to leave after several frustrating interactions where you just can’t seem to “click” with anyone? Sometimes it can seem like the harder we try to reach out and connect with others, the more lonely…

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What Happens in Couples Therapy

Read this post by San Francisco Couples Therapists to learn what you can expect from your couples therapy sessions.

Wondering what happens in couples therapy? You’re having a having a hard time in your relationship. You know you and your partner could use some help but you’re nervous about starting counseling. This is completely normal! Starting couples therapy can feel a bit daunting. You’re about to tell a complete stranger, your therapist, all about…

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How to practice Radical Acceptance

Learn how to practice radical acceptance, a DBT skill, from Bay Area DBT and Couples Counselling Center

Radical acceptance is a transformative skill we teach in our San Francisco Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills group. Therapy is usually focused on change. And of course, you will work on change in therapy. But sometimes there are things in life we can’t change, or can’t immediately change. Sometimes we need to accept what feels…

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Radical Acceptance: A life-changing DBT skill

Learn about the Radical Acceptance skill this San Francisco therapist teaches in their DBT skills group.

In our San Francisco Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills group, one of the most life-changing skills we teach is called Radical Acceptance. What is Radical Acceptance? Radical Acceptance is accepting what is – exactly as it is. It is saying yes to reality. It is saying yes to both reality as it is right now…

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